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2011 List of Resources

               2011 SFO Bibliography

Assisi Pilgrimage

               Assisi Pilgrimage – retreat (PowerPoint)

Basic Catholic Doctrine

               Lesson Plan 2/9/11

Charism & Mission of the SFO

               Lesson Plan

               Vocation, Mission, Charism (PowerPoint)

               Vocation, Mission, Charism handouts


               Clare’s Blessing  MP3

               Clare’s Blessing  MWA

               Lesson Guide

        Part 1 & 2-1

        St. Clare of Assisi (PowerPoint)


               Conversion BW handouts

               Conversion (PowerPoint)

        Lesson Plan 3/13/11


               Profession of Faith – CCC

               Profession of Faith – CCC  PDF

               The Creed from the Catechism of the Catholic Church

               The Creed

Documents from XII General Chapter 2008

               The Beginnings of Charism – Tasca OFM Conv

Ecclesiology of the Laity

               Church Documents:

                              Ad Gentes  Decree on the Missionary Activity of the Church

                              Apostolicam Actuositam  Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity

                              Christifideles Laici   On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful

                              Ecclesiam Suam   On the Church

                              Evangelii Nuntiandi  Evangelization in the Modern World

                              Gaudium et Spes   Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World

                              Lumen Gentium   Dogmatic Constitution on the Church

               Lesson Plan 2/14/11

               Ecclesiology of the Laity (PowerPoint)

Essential Documents

               Exhortation CICLSAL to SFO 2009

               General Constitutions 2000 Indexed Study Edition

               National Statutes Study Edition

               Ritual of SFO - Roman Version Aug 1985

               Seraphicus Patriarchus care to OFS

               The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order

Francis and Divinity

                Francis & Divinity part 1 - fitz 2-7-11  (PowerPoint)

                Francis & Divinity part 2   fitz 2-7-11  (PowerPoint)

        Francis and Divinity Lesson Plan session 1

        Francis and Divinity Lesson Plan session 2

        Francis and Divinity Lesson Plan session 3

        Franciscan Lectio & Clare's Gazing

        Franciscan Lectio w Clare's gazing  fitz 2-7-11  (PowerPoint)

        Franciscan Spirituality part 3 - fitz 2-7-11  (PowerPoint)

        Resource List for Basic Franciscan Theology

        Visual Meditation - Gazing

Francis and the Blessed Virgin Mary

               Lesson Plan 2/9/11

               Francis & the BVM handouts  PDF

               Francis & the BVM  (PowerPoint)


               Fraternity and Francis  (PowerPoint)

               Lesson Plan 2/17/11

FUN CD add ons 7-2011

               4 Modules incl CIOFS NAFRA REC

               Caritas in Veritate-individual-guide  USCCB  PDF

               FUN Additional Resource Index

               Prayer of the Faithful for Various Occasions

Identity as a Secular Franciscan

               From XII General Chapter 2008

                              Belonging to the SFO – DeNunzio OFS

               Identity as a Secular Franciscan – Lesson Plan 2/9/11

Interview Guides

               Guidelines for Interviews

               Interview Guide for Inquiry and Candidacy

               Interview Guide

JPIC & CST (Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation & Catholic Social Teaching)

               Catholic Social Teaching – Encyclicals

                              120 Years of Papal Social Teaching

                              2004 Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church

                              CARITAS IN VERITATE  On Integral Human Development in Charity and Truth

                              Centesimus Annus  On the 100th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum

                              DEUS CARITAS EST  Summary   On Christian Love

                              DIGNITATIS HUMANAE  Declaration on Religious Freedom

                              Economic Justice for All   Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching

                              Evangelium vitae   On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life

                              Fides et Ratio  On the Relationship between Faith and Reason

                              Gaudium et Spes   Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World

                              Justitia in Mundo   Justice in the World

                              Laborem Exercens   On Human Work

                              Mater et Magistra  On Christianity and Social Progress

                              Octogesima Adveniens  On the 80th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum

                              Pacem in Terris  On Establishing Universal Peace

                              Populorum Progressio  On the Development of Peoples

                              Quadragesimo Anno  On Reconstruction of the Social Order

                              RERUM NOVARUM  Summary/Discussion Guide   On Capital and Labor

                              SACRAMENTUM CARITATIS   On the Eucharist

                              Sollicitudo Rei Socialis  20th Anniversary of Populorum Progressio

               CST Short Version  (PowerPoint)

               Lesson Plan #1

               Lesson Plan #2

               JPIC Chapter 1  (PowerPoint)

               JPIC Chapter 2  (PowerPoint)

               Reading List on Catholic Social Teaching

Lifeline of St. Francis

               Clare and Francis Timeline

               Clare and Francis Timeline  PDF

               Explanation of Illustrated Lifeline of Francis

               Explanation of Illustrated Lifeline of Francis  PDF

               Lifeline of Francis  PDF

Nature of the SFO

               Francis founder 3 orders  (PowerPoint)

               Lesson Plan

               Nature of the SFO 2010  (PowerPoint)

               Nature of the SFO handouts  PDF

               Nature of the SFO handouts  (PowerPoint)

               Structure of the SFO  PDF

Overview of Way of Life – Rule

               Overview of the Rule

               Overview of the Way of Life

Pathway to Profession


               Pathway  (Publisher)



                       Profession - Felice Cangelosi EN (PowerPoint)

                       Profession in the SFO – Cangelosi

               Presentation  (PowerPoint)

               Profession  (PowerPoint)

               Lesson Plan

Rule of the SFO

               Lection Divina HO for Session 1

               National Formation Session 1

               National Formation Session 2

               National Formation Session 3

        Overview – Humility of God – Instructions

        Rule – Lesson Plan

Rules of the SFO  (all PDF)

               Familiarization with the SFO Documents - Higgins TOR

               Memoriale Propositi 1221 – reconstruction

               Misericors Dei Filius 1883

               Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order

               Seraphicus Patriarchus approves Rule 1978

               SFO brief history of its Origin & Rules - Muscat OFM

               Supra Montem 1289

Sample Formation & Workshop Plans

               4 Modules incl CIOFS NAFRA REC

               2011 model Formation program  PDF

               Combined FFM Lessons & xref  PDF

               Complete FFMR FUN Guide 9/2011  PDF

               Sample – Divine Mercy Formation Workshop Schedule

Sample Profession Preparation Pack

               1 sample PreProf_List-1

               2 sample Prof Request Form

               3 sample Presider Copy Prof

               4 sample Prof Invitation

               5 sample Prof Program & Liturgy-1

               6 sample Prof Bulletin

               7 Prof Card


               Profession to the Gospel Life

               sample Candidate Request

               sample Mass of Profession & Renewal

SFO Resource & Support Manuals

               Guidelines Initial Formation 2001  PDF

               Handbook for Regional Formators FINAL  PDF

               References to Formation 2-25-2011

               SFO Resource Manual rev 3-2-2011

Spiritual Assistance to the SFO

               Preparing to be a Spiritual Assistant  (PowerPoint)

               SA Statutes 2009  PDF

               The Structure of Spiritual Assistance to the SFO  PDF


               Lesson Plan for Vocation – God’s Call

               Prayer of St. Francis – Sarah McLachlin  MP3

               Vocation Outline

               Vocation  (PowerPoint)

What is Formation?

               Lesson Plan


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