Reflections on Formation Topics in the "For Up To Now" Manual


Chapter 7  Vocations

        Called to a Franciscan Life Style: Discernment

Chapter 8  Identity

        Franciscan Identity: We are a single family

        The SFO - An Integral Part of the Catholic Church

Chapter 9  Nature of the Franciscan Order

       Francis and the Franciscan Trilogy

        Structure and Governance

Chapter 10  Vocation, Mission, Charism

        Vocation       Charism and Mission

Chapter 12  JPIC - The Rule


Chapter 13  JPIC - Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation


Chapter 14   St. Francis and His Approach to Divinity


Chapter 15   Franciscan Theology, Tradition, Spirituality

        Theology     Theology Pt.2

Chapter 16  Profession

        Yes, this is what I want

Chapter 17  Conversion

      Spirituality of Conversion

Chapter 18  St. Francis and Fraternity