Additional commentary, to suppliment what Teresa Baker has written about our Rule:

Art. 21

Article 21 needs no additional clarification. The local fraternity's council and minister structure is found in Article 49, and further, in the Constitutions of the Secular Franciscan Order, elsewhere in this website. /fss

Art. 23

Article 23 tells us about requests for admission, and that the fraternity's council decides on these requests. The times of formation are more adequately explained in Article 19 (and further) of the Statutes (USA), and when one asks to be admitted, the fraternity council will fully explain to the applicant what is involved. Profession is a permanent commitment, and the Order wants to be very clear about new applicants, that they have a vocation to the Order. /fss

Art. 25

The F.U.N. text does not have a particular reflections about Article 25, that is, not in the Rule of the SFO chapter. Each fraternity has a "common fund" to which members are asked to contribute to defray the expenses of the Order. The fraternities have an obligation to contribute toward the expenses of the higher fraternity councils, and you will occasionally hear mention of our "Fair Share." The Professed who can afford to do so, will contribute their portion of the "Fair Share," but if they cannot do so, we do not ask them to do so. /fss

Art. 26

Although the Secular Franciscan Order is a self-standing Order, Article 26 refers to "spiritual assistance." Each fraternity requesting Canonical Approbation needs to be sponsored, or mentored, by a Franciscan religious (cf. Article 46, Constitutions of the S.F.O.). Having access to competent religious assistance is extremely important in order to maintain a truly Franciscan character in the fraternity and in its members./fss


Peace and Good,

Fred Schaeffer, OFS